April to May 2018

We have been mandated to prepare an explanatory document and develop a programming standard for an internationally evolving client. Our client wanted to use simple, efficient and recoverable programming tools for most of their projects.

The aim of the project was to have a programming methodology to present and offer to all their partners carrying out projects or machines for them. Thus, the technical staff of our client (technicians and engineers) will receive from this moment equipment programmed with a standard meeting this new technical specifications. In the medium and long term, the customer will greatly reduce the burn-in time of their equipment and will be able to support their remote customers more easily.

Some facts about the proposed standard:

• Intelligent structure ready for integration of 4.0;
• Methodology for creating PLC programs;
• Optimization of programming time of PLCs and HMIs;
• Methodology of control of industrial robots;
• Decrease of programming time in general;
• Frequency converter control methodology;
• Integration and use of PackML;
• Simple and effective programming tools.

The tools developed by our team meet the best standards and aim to reduce programming time, equipment startup and handling by the technical team of our customers. We are happy to contribute to the development of the technical specifications of our customers.