The project consisted of calibrating and then validating the operation of our client’s equipment after installation carried out by their technical team (mechanical / electrical) at the production plant.

Our client manufactures and exports his process all over America and, for the past year, we have been participating in the commissioning of his equipment in many ongoing projects.

Our mandate involves the following responsibilities:

• Calibration of Kinetix servomotors

• Calibration of IFM measurement cameras

• Adjustment of all process sensors

• Adjustment and correction of PLC and HMI programs

• Validation of product traceability

• Control of hydraulic and pneumatic actuators

• Operator training

The sites are, for the most part, located in the United States and our travels ensure that our client has a rigorous, methodical and professional team on site.

We have established a bond of trust that allows us to take over from their team on a work-study basis until the new operators are able to master the use of the equipment via the operations consoles.