The first phase of the project consists in designing the electrical plans for the power and control panels of the equipment while respecting a clear separation between the voltages 24VDC and the voltages above 50V, in order to respect the standards in machine safety and protect the customer’s technical staff. The panels were prepared and wired by our team and these are then installed and connected to the equipment at the factory.

The second phase, carried out in parallel, consists of programming the PLC and the control interface so that the equipment can be fully automated and safe while giving the customer the ability to create numerous recipes for tests standardized by standards. recognized worldwide in the field.

Some key elements of the project:

  • FactoryTalk View Server control interface
  • ControlLogix controller
  • PILZ safety PLC
  • Standardized recipes
  • Calibration of analog sensors (vibration, temperature)
  • Simulator comprising several stations with clutch system
  • Data acquisition and transfer to the server

It is always pleasant to participate in the creation of industrial equipment used to simulate various conditions and thus obtain information relating to the quality of the products tested.

Our customers can count on our professionalism and our rigor to obtain reliable and robust equipment and simulators.