Tecking was mandated to take charge of the programming of the majority of production equipment for a new bio-composite panel manufacturing plant.

The project is very innovative and the client wishes to achieve the many objectives he has set for himself in recent years. Our team is proud to participate in this achievement and in the client’s success, since this plant, located in Center-Du-Québec, is already, and will remain, a flagship among Quebec companies in the field of large-scale ventilation units.

Our mandate involves the following responsibilities:

  • Preparation of a PLC programming standard
  • Preparation of an HMI standard for control and monitoring screens
  • Programming of Allen-Bradley PLCs for all process equipment
  • Programming of all HMI pages with the Ignition application
  • Reprogramming of equipment that does not meet the quality standard
  • Programming of the traceability of by-products
  • Proposal of solutions to improve the process
  • Programming of product traceability
  • Servomotor and PID control loop control
  • Multiple interconnections between different PLCs
  • Integration of 4.0 methods and solutions

Tecking uses its technical expertise to carry out major technological mandates and we are proud to actively participate in the creation and commissioning of a highly efficient and responsible process.

We have developed a close bond of trust with the process development team and we believe that this collaboration will allow everyone to maintain a solid, true and lasting relationship. Our know-how and our working methods are a guarantee of quality.